Final statement to shed some clarity on the situation to everyone who wants to know wtf is going on:

Thank you to everyone who supported me and was kind, but know this isn’t a “just a few haters” issue I can deal with. There are years of history of heinous ever increasing abuse that no matter how many times I tried to tell my story, got lost in the sea of constantly updating social media feeds, so in the end hearsay and rumors telephone'd to death are all that will ever remain. But I am not these things, so I refuse to be here where they can be projected onto me.
I have to move on. I’m sorry for how many my art may have meant something to who are losing access to it. But the world is not ready to deal with the emotions my art stirs within them because they are not ready to face the reality of the world they help create with their fear. People who can't face the cruelty of their actions in the present and who must create dissonance between the harm they cause are not safe for artists such as myself to exist around. Until the world changes, there is nothing else I can do. I will never stop being unapologetically myself, but I will not be doing it here.

I will not be your martyr and I am done being a victim.

TLDR; There will be no comic because people will deliberately go out of their way to try to harm me in increasingly worse ways if I try to make it and have boundaries.

- Vee (March 9, 2023)